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COVID Information

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Please park in the Memorial Ave. parking lot across the street from the sanctuary.

Church Entrance

Please enter the church building through the RIGHT front door on Memorial Ave. This door will be propped open from 1O:10 to 10:40. (All other entry doors will be locked, except for the handicap ramp entry door.)


Please find a seat with your family on a pew without a cushion. All pews with cushions will be considered unavailable to provide proper social distancing.

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Sunday School

Sunday School is currently suspended, but we look forward to starting again in the near future.

Exiting the Sanctuary

Please EXIT the sanctuary by following the arrows on the floor.

Please refrain from socializing in the sanctuary for the safety of others.

Face Masks

Face masks are not required but are encouraged and appreciated, especially as you enter and exit the building.

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The sanctuary is sanitized by a professional company each Friday.

Touchless sanitation stations are located at the entrance to the sanctuary.


Please use only the restroom located in the Narthex (the entrance to the sanctuary).

Online Worship
If you aren't comfortable coming to church just yet, click below to connect to our YouTube channel.
Online Worship
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Thank you for being patient and cooperating with the guidelines as we seek to provide a touchless, meaningful, and safe worship experience.